Quantum Matters & Materials

Jak Chakhalian Rutgers University USA
Designer Quantum Matter: From ‘ferrolectric’ metal and magnetic 2D electron gas to quantum spin liquids

H. C. Ong Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Spin based plasmonics for sensing and color routing

Iddo Amit University of Exeter UK
Slow carrier dynamics in atomically thin materials

Jim Cline McGill University Canada
Nanobot fabrication of Majorana qubits

Herbert Pfnur Leibniz University of Hannover Germany
Highly spin-correlated edge states in quantum confined Bi-films

Geunsik Lee Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Dirac fermion in Bi square net materials

Matjaz Valant University of Nova Gorica Slovenia
Chemistry of metal – topological insulator interface

Jeongyong Kim Sungkyunkwan University South Korea
Spatial and spectral manipulation of exciton emission of two-dimensional semiconductors

Igor F. Perepichka Bangor University UK
Tuning energy levels in functionalized light emitting polyfluorenes and their hetero-analogs

Jhinhwan Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology  South Korea
Local switching of magnetism and superconductivity with spin current in heterostructure iron-based superconductor

Ajay Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee India
Tunnable Josephson Transport in  Hybrid Superconductor -double coupled Quantum dots nanoscopic junctions: Theoretical modelling and  applications

Jiang Tao China Academy of Engineering Physics China
High power THz quantum cascade lasers and  its application in higher resolution holography

R.K. Dutta Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee India
Quantum dots for quantitative sensing ultra trace concentrations of hazardous substances

Jun Ni Tsinghua University China
Electronic and superconducting properties of MX2 and boron based nanostructures

David J Hagan University of Central Florida USA
Exploring nonlinear optics at epsilon-near-zero

Kun Yang Florida State University USA
Interfaces and Phase Transitions between Fractional Quantum Hall States

Xuechao Zhai Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
Valley-Related Thermomagnetic Effect in Limited Dirac Materials

Oksana Yastrubchak National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukraine
Low temperature study of the band structure evolution and the origin of magnetism in (Ga,Mn)As

Jigang Wang Iowa State University  USA
THz Control of Quantum Materials

Xiaosheng Fang Fudan University China
Low-dimensional nanostructures based photodetectors

Dhanvir Singh Rana Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal India
Probing quantum phases of complex oxides using terahertz spectroscopy

Tao Jiang China Academy of Engineering Physics China
High power THz quantum cascade lasers and  its application in higher resolution holography

O’Dae Kwon POSTECH South Korea
Photonic quantum ring lasers for disruptive fNIRS technology

Guiqin Li Tsinghua University China
The attached atoms effect on the transport properties of C60 device