Nanostructures & Nanomaterials

Yoshiyuki Suda Toyohashi University of Technology Japan
Carbon nanocoils: synthesis, measurement of electrical and mechanical properties, and application

Amy Walker University of Texas at Dallas USA
Using Surface Chemistry to Direct the Morphology and Deposition of Thin Films and Nanoobjects of Materials for Electronics and Energy

Hui Pan University of Macau China
Design and Fabrication of Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Production

Chae-Ryong Cho Pusan national University South Korea
Synergetically enhanced electrochemical performance of 2D TMD layer on 1D nanofiber for LIB anodes

Huaping Li Atom Optoelectronics USA
Electronically Pure Single-Chirality Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Ink for Large Scale Electronics

Sundar Kunwar Kwangwoon University South Korea
Fabrication of Ternary AgPdAu Alloy Nanoparticles on c-plane Sapphire by the Systematical Control of Film Thickness and Deposition Sequence

Matteo Amati Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste Italy
Scanning photoemission imaging and spectro-microscopy: a direct approach to spatially resolved XPS for micro- and nano-materials characterization

Jyh-Shiarn Cherng Ming Chi University of Technology Taiwan
Yttria-stabilized Zirconia: from Nanoionics to Nanoelectronics

Griselda Barrera Galland Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Polyolefins nanocomposites with conductive and magnetic properties

Tao Feng Nanjing University of Science and Technology China
Nanostructured metallic glasses: A new type of noncrystalline material

Eunsoon Oh Chungnam National University South Korea
Optical and photocurrent characteristics of lead sulfide nanostructures

Lianxi Zheng Khalifa University UAE
Carbon nanomaterials for flexible electronics

Norton Gomes de Almeida Universidade Federal de Goiás Brazil
Protecting nano-devices against sudden variation of field intensities using negative response

Mrinal Pal CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute India
Novel intense white light emission from pristine ZnO nanopowders

Yang Chuan Ke China University of Petroleum, Beijing China
Intercalation chemistry for nanocomposite materials for oil and gas engineering

Jun Song McGill University Canada
Predictive curvature and geometry engineering of rolled-up nanostructures

Wei Jiang Nanjing University China
Silicon micro/nano-photonic structures and devices

Puran Pandey Kwangwoon University South Korea
Investigation on the Morphological and Optical Evolution of Bimetallic Pd-Ag Nanoparticles on Sapphire (0001) by the Systematic Control of Composition, Annealing Temperature and Time

Pengxun Yan Gansu Academy of Sciences China
Mass production and application of Metal nano-powders

Alexander Khmaladze University at Albany SUNY USA
Raman scanning microscopy for nanofiber characterization

Georgy Fedorov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University Russia
Graphene based nanostructures for detection of terahertz radiation

Adriaan S. Luyt Qatar University Qatar
Morphology, nucleation, and isothermal crystallization kinetics of poly(-caprolactone) mixed with a polycarbonate/MWCNTs masterbatch

Ning Han Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Catalyst epitaxy: an alternative method for growth of high performance III-V nanowires

Kazuo Umemura Tokyo University of Science Japan
Biological applications of optical responses of DNA wrapped carbon nanotubes

Long Wen Jinan University China
Hot Electron Ejection and Relaxation in Au/Si Disordered Nanoholes

Jim Cline McGill University Canada
Nanobot fabrication of Majorana qubits

Jiangkun Fan Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Formation of nano/ultrafine-trimorphic structure and variant selection mechanism in metastable β titanium alloy processed by dynamic warm deformation

Shauna Robbennolt Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Spain
Magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of Fe-Cu thin films made nanoporous by electrochemical dealloying

Pitamber Mahanandia National Institute of Technology India
Structural investigation of the enhanced electrical, optical and electrochemical properties of MWCNTs and graphene  incorporated Poly [3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl] omposites

Cyril Aymonier Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux France
Sustainable, continuous and scalable technology for the production of nanostructured materials

Heru Setyawan Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Kampus ITS Sukolilo Indonesia
Electrochemical synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles for energy storage application

Mohammed Abdulhakim Alsaadi University of Malaya Malaysia
Super-hydrophobic Carbon Nano-composite  Membrane for direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD) and its anti bio-fouling effects

Jun Ni Tsinghua University China
Electronic and superconducting properties of MX2 and boron based nanostructures

Marco Faustini Université Pierre et Marie Curie France
Positioning Nanomaterials at all scales by combining top-down and bottom up approaches

Daniel Thangadurai Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College India
Fluorescent capped Nanomaterials and its applications

Quan Qing Arizona State University USA
Solid-state nanopore device embedded within self-aligned nanogap electrodes for DNA characterization: A bottom-up approach

Jerzy P. Lukaszewicz Nicolaus Copernicus University Poland
Graphene, Ccarbon Nanotubes NTs and N-rich Carbon Foams – New Synthesis Approaches

Haim Weissman Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Functional Materials Based on Noncovalent Self-Assembly in Aqueous Media

Zhengtao Zhu South Dakota School of Mines and Technology USA
Electrospun nanomaterials for wearable sensors

Li-Qiong Wang Brown University USA
Investigation of Nanoporosity of Carbon Grafted Mesoporous Silicon Sponge Using Hyper-Polarized 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy

Kun Lian Xi’an Jiaotong University China
New Generation Nano Copper /Carbon Composite and Applicatinos

Tomasz J. Ochalski Cork Institute of Technology Ireland
Dynamics of the spontaneous and stimulated emission from core-shell nano-wire and nano-pillar lasers

Shlomo Berger Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Developement of Piezoelectric nano-Crystals Structures for  Sensitive Detectors

Hani E. Elsayed-Ali Old Dominion University USA
Structural dynamics of bismuth nanoparticles near the bulk melting point

Raul C. Munoz Universidad de Chile Chile
The role electron scattering by disordered grain boundaries on the resistivity of nanometric metallic nterconnects, leading to the break-down of Moore´s law