Molecular Electronics and Systems

Hirokazu Tada Osaka University Japan
Nonlinear Current Voltage Characteristics of Single Molecule Junction

T. Jean Daou University of Haute-Alsace France
Space molecular decontamination using porous materials

Takahiro Kenmotsu  Doshisha University Japan
Constructing stable cellular assembly: Crowding condition provides rich profit

Tooru Kitagawa Toyobo Co. Ltd. Japan
Preferential Orientations of Molecular Planes of Rigid-Rod Polymers along the Radial Direction Normal to the Fiber Axis

Shen V. Chong Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
Molybdenum oxide-based organic-inorganic layered hybrids with electron-rich spacer molecules

Tsuyoshi Minami University of Tokyo Japan
Molecular Self-Assembled Supramolecular Sensor Arrays

Toyo Kazu Yamada Chiba University Japan
Control of single-molecule-level architecting using STM manipulation

Xiangnan Sun National Center for Nanoscience and Technology China
Multi-Purpose Molecular Spintronic Device

Lallan Mishra Banaras Hindu University India
Recognition Driven molecular modules

Zhiguo Yi Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Nano Photocatalytic Materials Design toward Small Molecular Hydrocarbons Oxidation under Mild Conditions