Materials Theory and Principles

Marco Bernardi California Institute of Technology  USA
Advances in computing charge transport and ultrafast excited carrier dynamics from first principles

Feng Liu Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Correlation of thermodynamics and kinetics for first-scale phase transformation

Heejae Kim Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research Germany
Mode-specific phonon contributions to semiconductor optical properties

Alex Zunger University of Colorado USA
Materials by Design

Jisang Hong Pukyong National University South Korea
Magnetic properties of  two-dimensional materials: A first principles study

Kazuo Miyamura Tokyo University of Science Japan
Cold drystallisation: a phenomenon that can store heat

Hocine Khemliche Université Paris-Saclay France
Ultra-fast crystallization dynamics at an organic-inorganic interface revealed in real time by Grazing Incidence Fast Atom Diffraction

Nicolas Perez IFW-Dresden Germany
Seebeck effect at phase transitions- Order, disorder and entropy

Ji-Sang Park Imperial College London UK
First-principles study of extended defects in multi-component semiconductors

Elwira Wachowicz University of Wroclaw Poland
DFT Study of Metal Intercalation of Graphene on 4H-SiC

Materials Science in Two Dimensions

June-Seo Kim Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
The correlations among the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and other related interface effects probed by an inelastic light scattering

Hyejin Ryu Korea Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Charge density wave order in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides

Liqiang Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
NiTi-Nb porous metal prepared by NiTi-Nb eutectic reaction

Golibjon R. Berdiyorov Hamad bin Khalifa University Qatar
Desnity Functional Theory Computations for Structural, Optoelectronic, Transport and Ionic Sieving Properties of Ti3C2X2 (X=O, OH and F) Mxene

Huaming Li Taiyuan University of Technology China
Free volume calculation in liquid sodium under pressure