Graphene and Applications

Owen J. Guy Swansea University UK
Integrated graphene biosensors

Young Jae Song Sungkyunkwan University  South Korea
Synthesis and Characterization of High-quality Graphene-based Heterostructures in Large Scale

Ajit K. Mahapatro University of Delhi India
Optimal bistable switching in graphene oxide thin film devices

Isabelle Royaud University of Lorraine France
Mechanical properties and microstructure of amide cross-linked isotactic polypropylene grafted maleic anhydride with functionalized graphene/graphite

Georgy Fedorov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University Russia
Graphene based nanostructures for detection of terahertz radiation

Behzad Pourabbas Sahand University of Technology Iran
Supercapacitive Behavior of Graphene/Conducting Polymer on thin Decorated PMMA Films

Hongwei Zhu Tsinghua University China
Graphene-based sensing for IoT applications

Jayeeta Lahiri University of Hyderabad India
Two dimensional Graphene and hexagonal Boron Nitride films on transition metal surfaces

Satchidananda Ratha Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar India
Magneto-optical properties of dilute-magnetic semiconductor-Graphene hybrid nanosheets

Michael Zwolak National Institute of Standards and Technology USA
Graphene membranes as model biological ion channels

Pitamber Mahanandia National Institute of Technology India
Structural investigation of the enhanced electrical, optical and electrochemical properties of MWCNTs and graphene  incorporated Poly [3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl] omposites

Chungjung Chou Chung Yuan Christian University Taiwan
Graphene oxide composite materials for enzymatic membrane

Sunil Kumar Institute For plasma Research India
Swift heavy ion beam irradiation induced modification in Graphene

Wei-Chen Tu Chung Yuan Christian University Taiwan
Applications of  reduced graphene oxide based optoelectronic devices

Jerzy P. Lukaszewicz Nicolaus Copernicus University Poland
Graphene, Ccarbon Nanotubes NTs and N-rich Carbon Foams – New Synthesis Approaches

Oleg Kononenko Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials Russia
Carbon nanomaterials based on graphene for magnetic field sensors

Judy Wu University of Kansas USA
Printable Photonic and Plasmonic Graphene Heterojunction Optoelectronics: Towards High Performance and Low Cost