Gene. Topi. XI

Elwira Wachowicz University of Wroclaw Poland
DFT Study of Metal Intercalation of Graphene on 4H-SiC

Zhengtao Zhu South Dakota School of Mines and Technology USA
Electrospun nanomaterials for wearable sensors

WANG Shijie Institute of Materials Research and Engineering  Singapore
Wafer-scale 2D transition metal dichalcogenides growth and device fabrication

Hong Yin Jilin University China
Heterepitaxial of cubic boron nitride

Iwao Kawayama Osaka University Japan
Terahertz emission spectroscopy of wide band gap semiconductors

Antoine Barbier  Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives France
Epitaxial BaTiO3 (001) thin films based artificial multiferroic heterostructures investigated by synchrotron radiation techniques

David J Hagan University of Central Florida USA
Exploring nonlinear optics at epsilon-near-zero

Oksana Yastrubchak National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukraine
Low temperature study of the band structure evolution and the origin of magnetism in (Ga,Mn)As

Materials Science in Two Dimensions

Kun Yang Florida State University USA
Interfaces and Phase Transitions between Fractional Quantum Hall States

Jian Zhang Liverpool John Moores University UK
Reliability and variability of nano-scale MOSFETs

Liqiang Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
NiTi-Nb porous metal prepared by NiTi-Nb eutectic reaction

Michele Back Kyoto University Japan
Singly-doped Ratiometric Luminescent Thermometers: Design and Challenges

Lik Hong Wee University of Leuven Belgium
The fabrication of high-performance gas separation composite membranes via structural transformation in metal-organic frameworks

Ran Jiang Shandong University China
HfO2 based RRAM device with XPS detection and homogeneous selector design

Christina Graf Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences Germany

Tetsuo Tsuchiya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Japan
Flexible ceramics coating for green devices

Aniruddha Dutta Queen’s University Canada
Atomic Number Contrast in Transmission Electron Microscopy

Adam Friedman US Naval Research Laboratory USA
Chemical Vapor Sensing with 2-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Films

Jieun Yang Rutgers University USA
2D materials for electrocatalysis

Damien Voiry University of Montpellier France
Electrochemical reduction of explosives from doped carbon nanomaterials

Keisuke Shibuya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan
Metal-insulator transition of VO2 and optical switch based on the transition

Choon Young Lee Central Michigan University USA
Synthesis and evaluation of potent antioxidant dendrimers

Shigemi Mizukami Tohoku University Japan
Manganese alloys and quaternary equiatomic Heusler alloys for advanced magnetic tunnel junctions

Tianyu Ma Xi’an Jiaotong University China
Rare earth permanent magnets with high cost-performance

Eunsang Kwon Tohoku University Japan
Structure and energy storage properties of Lithium-Cation Endohedral [C60] Fullerene

Hyun Soo Kim University of Maryland USA

Shigeyuki Yagi Osaka Prefecture University Japan
Control of Excimer formation of Phosphorescent Organoplatinum(II) Complexes

Oleg Kononenko Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials Russia
Carbon nanomaterials based on graphene for magnetic field sensors

Kenichi Yamashita Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan
Photonics in organic crystal microcavity

Hyunae Chun Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) South Korea
Preparation and cure mechanism of Ultra-low CTE composite based on newly-designed epoxy resin

Shintaro Yasui Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Iron-based ferroelectric thin films

Hyun-Joong Kim Seoul National University South Korea
The Role of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives in Next Generation Display

Dong–Hau Kuo National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan
Gallium-Related Nitride and Nitro-Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Reactive Sputtering with Cermet Targets

Lallan Mishra Banaras Hindu University India
Recognition Driven molecular modules

Jingan Li Zhengzhou University China
Endowing Cardiovascular Biomaterials Better Biocompatibility by Conjuating Multifunctional Molecules

Go Kawamura Toyohashi University of Technology Japan
Liquid phase fabrication of BaTiO3-CoFe2O4 composite with nano periodic structure

Fei Zhuge Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Extremely-low power all-carbon artificial synapses

Yi-Hung Liu National University of Tainan Taiwan
Development of composite cathodes using carbon fibers as current collectors for rechargeable batteries

Hong Li Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Interacial void shrinkage process and mechanisms in solid-state bonding of similar metals