Gene. Topi. V

Reza Abbaschian University of California Riverside USA
Microstructural Development in High Entropy Alloys

Hiroaki Matsui University of Tokyo Japan
Oxide semiconductor plasmonics for infrared applications

A. M. Ballamurugan Bharathiar University India

H. C. Ong Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Spin based plasmonics for sensing and color routing

Alexander Gavrilyuk Ioffe Physical Technical Institute Russia
Light to hydrogen processes in solids and related phenomena

Aadesh P. Singh Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
Hydrogen-induced disordering in metal oxides for improved photoelectrochemical performance for water splitting

Alfred Tok Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Jin-Woo Park Yonsei University South Korea
Wearable physical and chemical sensors for health monitoring

Azhaguchamy Muthukumaran Kalasalingam University India

Roman Anufriev University of Tokyo Japan
Surface engineering of nanobeams and nanomembranes for thermoelectrics

Masaru Aniya Kumamoto University Japan

Bert Muller  University of Basel Switzerland
Molecular beam deposition and electro-spraying for thin-film-based dielectric elastomer transducers

Zexiang Shen Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Electronic and Optical properties of hybrid perovskite under high pressure

Subho Dasgupta Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  Germany

Md. Iqbal Hossain Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh
Utilizing Indigenous Materials for Process Applications in Bangladesh

Hanul Moon Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Ultra-thin polymer insulating layers by initiated chemical vapor deposition and their applications to highly flexible transistors and flash memories

Astri Bjornetun Haugen Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Textured lead-free piezoelectric ceramics

Bassem Salem LTM-CNRS Laboratory  France
Fabrication and characterization of GeSn nanowires using “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches for nanoelectronics applications

Dong Jik Kim University of Warwick UK
Flexo-photovoltaic effect

Yuya Ishii Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan
Electrospun polymer fibers and their optoelectronic applications

Takeharu Haino Hiroshima University Japan
Sequence-Controlled Supramolecular Terpolymer formed via Self-Assembly of three monomer units

Takahiro Kenmotsu  Doshisha University Japan
Constructing stable cellular assembly: Crowding condition provides rich profit

Yonggang Zhen Chinese Academy of Sciences China

Kunio Okimura Tokai University Japan
Self-oscillation of vanadium dioxide films grown on conductive TiN layers

Zheng Cui Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics China
Electronic inks for printable electronic applications

T. Jean Daou University of Haute-Alsace France
Space molecular decontamination using porous materials

Theo Lohmuller Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Germany

Jongwoo Lim Seoul National University South Korea
Revealing spatio-dynamics within lithium ion battery particles via operando X-ray microscopy

Ajit K. Mahapatro University of Delhi India
Optimal bistable switching in graphene oxide thin film devices

Seung Ki Moon Nanyang Technological University Singapore
A hybrid machine learning approach for modeling and optimization in Aerosol Jet printing process

Dong Eon Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea
Ultrafast semi-metalization of dielectrics : PHz device

Khalid Mahmood Ghauri University of Lahore Pakistan
Development of Characterization Biomaterials: A Review

Hongyan Zhang University of Toledo USA
Joining Aluminum Alloys

Hiroshi Watanabe National Chiao Tung University Taiwan
On possibility that AC can improve the performance of electronic biosensing

Kun Lian Xi’an Jiaotong University China
New Generation Nano Copper /Carbon Composite and Applicatinos

Amit Shankar Kurseong College India
Ce filled skutterudite: A perspective candidate for Green energy material

Haim Weissman Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Functional Materials Based on Noncovalent Self-Assembly in Aqueous Media

Tomasz J. Ochalski Cork Institute of Technology Ireland
Dynamics of the spontaneous and stimulated emission from core-shell nano-wire and nano-pillar lasers

Zhongyuan Ma Nanjing University China
The opportunity and challenge: Ultralow power and high density 3DSi-based flash memory