Gene. Topi. III

Marco Bernardi California Institute of Technology  USA
Advances in computing charge transport and ultrafast excited carrier dynamics from first principles

Tao Feng Nanjing University of Science and Technology China
Nanostructured metallic glasses: A new type of noncrystalline material

Weifeng Wei Central South University China
Engineering the Multiphasic Interfaces in Manganese-based Transition Metal Oxide Cathodes for Na-ion Batteries

Han Hsieh-Cheng University of California Berkeley USA

Jisang Hong Pukyong National University South Korea
Magnetic properties of  two-dimensional materials: A first principles study

Jianhong XU Tsinghua University China
Droplet-based Microfluidics for Smart Emulsions and Functional Microparticles

Chae-Ryong Cho Pusan national University South Korea
Synergetically enhanced electrochemical performance of 2D TMD layer on 1D nanofiber for LIB anodes

Masashi Kato Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan
Carrier lifetime measurements for power semiconductor materials

Qiuyun Chen China Academy of Engineering Physics China
Recent progress on the electronic structure study of the heavy-fermion Ce115 compounds

Yasufumi Enami Kochi University of Technology Japan

Geunsik Lee Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Dirac fermion in Bi square net materials

Ying-Hao Chu National Chiao Tung university Taiwan
Oxide Heteroepitaxy for Transparent Soft Technology

Run-Wei Li Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering China

Julia Glaum Norwegian University of Science and Technology  Norway
Microstructural tailoring of functional ceramics

Tamitake Itoh National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan

Bo Jin Jilin University China
Facile synthesis and electrochemical performance of metal oxides for lithium-ion batteries

Pei Wenli Northeastern University China

Hui Pan University of Macau China
Design and Fabrication of Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Production

Seiji Samukawa Tohoku University Japan
Low-Temperature atomic layer etching, modification and deposition process

Huaping Li Atom Optoelectronics USA
Electronically Pure Single-Chirality Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Ink for Large Scale Electronics

Alexander Khmaladze University at Albany SUNY USA
Raman scanning microscopy for nanofiber characterization

Masayoshi Higuchi National Institute for Materials Science Japan

Giovanni Fanchini University of Western Ontario Canada
Plasmonic solar cell design via three-dimensional near-field scanning optical microscopy (3D-SNOM)

Dong-Chen Qi La Trobe University Australia
Diamond Surface Functionalization and Doping for Carbon-based Electronics

Jong-Liang Lin National Cheng Kung University Taiwan

Yousuke Ooyama Hiroshima University Japan
Synthesis, Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties of Phenanthrodithiophene (Fused-bibenzo[c]thiophene) Derivative for Optoelectronic Devices

Yonggang Zhao Tsinghua University China

Pengxun Yan Gansu Academy of Sciences China
Mass production and application of Metal nano-powders

Qi Ge Singapore University of Technology and Design Singapore

Krushna R. Mavani Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Indore India
Strongly Correlated Properties and Phase Transitions in Doped RNiO3 (R=Rare earth ions) Thin Films

D. J. Bhagat Arts, Science and Commerce College India
Progress in polyindole

Jonghyun Park Missouri University of Science and Technology  USA

Huaming Li Taiyuan University of Technology China
Free volume calculation in liquid sodium under pressure

Jia-Tao Sun Chinese Academy of Sciences China
First principles studies of the two-dimensional magnetic materials

Xingjun Wang Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics China
Effect of Bismuth-induced phase of GaAs nanowires on photoluminescence polarization

Theeranun Siritanon Suranaree University of Technology Thailand
The structure and electronic properties of mixed valence tellurium pyrochlore oxides