Gene. Topi. I

Jian-Gan Wang Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Building all-manganese-based Li-ion batteries

Junichi Kurawaki Kagoshima University Japan
Simple synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of  gold clusters in water/dodecanethiol

Jordi Arbiol ICREA and Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Spain
Energy nanostructures at atomic scale: from growth mechanisms to properties

Aniruddha Dutta University of Central Florida USA
Atomic Number Contrast in Transmission Electron Microscopy

Feng Liu Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Correlation of thermodynamics and kinetics for first-scale phase transformation

Abdel-Mohsen Mohamed  Zayed University United Arab Emirates

Wen Hsien Huang National Nano Device Laboratories Taiwan
Enabling flexible electronics via laser technologies

Ali Zaoui Polytech Lille France

Hirokazu Tada Osaka University Japan
Nonlinear Current Voltage Characteristics of Single Molecule Junction

Judy Wu University of Kansas USA
Printable Photonic and Plasmonic Graphene Heterojunction Optoelectronics: Towards High Performance and Low Cost

Dong Ha Kim Ewha Womans University South Korea
Plasmonics for Advanced Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Nikolai Perov Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia

Matteo Amati Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste Italy
Scanning photoemission imaging and spectro-microscopy: a direct approach to spatially resolved XPS for micro- and nano-materials characterization

Stuart Taylor Cardiff University UK

Young Jae Song Sungkyunkwan University  South Korea
Synthesis and Characterization of High-quality Graphene-based Heterostructures in Large Scale

Masaharu Oshima University of Tokyo Japan

Yoshiyuki Suda Toyohashi University of Technology Japan
Carbon nanocoils: synthesis, measurement of electrical and mechanical properties, and application

Johann Faccelo Osma Cruz Universidad de los Andes Colombia

Sundar Kunwar Kwangwoon University South Korea
Fabrication of Ternary AgPdAu Alloy Nanoparticles on c-plane Sapphire by the Systematical Control of Film Thickness and Deposition Sequence

Shlomo Berger Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Developement of Piezoelectric nano-Crystals Structures for  Sensitive Detectors

Jun Song McGill University Canada
Predictive curvature and geometry engineering of rolled-up nanostructures

Shinobu Ohya University of Tokyo Japan
Novel spin-related tunneling phenomena in perovskite oxide heterostructures

Lifeng Liu International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory  Portugal
Advanced Water Splitting Electrocatalysts

Gil Shalev Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel
Photonic management with arrays of subwavelength light concentrators

Kun Zhang Sichuan University China
Surfactant-driven surface smoothing and self-organized surface patterns by ion beam erosion

Igor F. Perepichka Bangor University UK
Tuning energy levels in functionalized light emitting polyfluorenes and their hetero-analogs

Zaoli Zhang Austrian Academy of Sciences Austria

Sechae Jeong Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science South Korea
Modification of PDMS with an ultrafast laser to mimic the natural super-hydrophobic surfaces

Sunil Kumar IIT Delhi Inida

Eunsoon Oh Chungnam National University South Korea
Optical and photocurrent characteristics of lead sulfide nanostructures