Electronic Materials & Applications

Huaping Li Atom Optoelectronics USA
Electronically Pure Single-Chirality Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Ink for Large Scale Electronics

Masashi Kato Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan
Carrier lifetime measurements for power semiconductor materials

Wen Hsien Huang National Nano Device Laboratories Taiwan
Enabling flexible electronics via laser technologies

Bert Muller  University of Basel Switzerland
Molecular beam deposition and electro-spraying for thin-film-based dielectric elastomer transducers

Masaharu Oshima University of Tokyo Japan
Local electronic states of various field effect transistors (FETs) revealed by scanning photoelectron microscopy

Takafumi Kamimura National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Japan
Characterization of Nitrogen-Doped β-Ga2O3 (010) Thin Films Grown by Ozone MBE

Hanul Moon Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Ultra-thin polymer insulating layers by initiated chemical vapor deposition and their applications to highly flexible transistors and flash memories

Jyh-Shiarn Cherng Ming Chi University of Technology Taiwan
Yttria-stabilized Zirconia: from Nanoionics to Nanoelectronics

Amy Walker University of Texas at Dallas USA
Using Surface Chemistry to Direct the Morphology and Deposition of Thin Films and Nanoobjects of Materials for Electronics and Energy

Seiji Samukawa Tohoku University Japan
Low-Temperature atomic layer etching, modification and deposition process

Zhengyong Song Xiamen University China
Transparent conducting electromagnetic metamaterials

Eunsoon Oh Chungnam National University South Korea
Optical and photocurrent characteristics of lead sulfide nanostructures

Matjaz Valant University of Nova Gorica Slovenia
Chemistry of metal – topological insulator interface

Wei Lai Michigan State University USA
Ionic and electronic conduction in bi-functional electrodes for Na-ion batteries

Takafumi Uemura Osaka University Japan
Low-Noise Signal Amplification Circuits Based on Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Astri Bjornetun Haugen Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Textured lead-free piezoelectric ceramics

Kun Zhang Sichuan University China
Surfactant-driven surface smoothing and self-organized surface patterns by ion beam erosion

Milan Radovic Paul Scherrer Institut Switzerland
Low dimensional electronic system at Titanates: Manipulation and Perspective

Dong-Chen Qi La Trobe University Australia
Diamond Surface Functionalization and Doping for Carbon-based Electronics

Lianxi Zheng Khalifa University UAE
Carbon nanomaterials for flexible electronics

Andrew Abell University of Adelaide and Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics Australia
Fluorophore-nanodiamond hybrid sensors for photostable imaging and orthogonal on-demand biosensing

Jayeeta Lahiri University of Hyderabad India
Two dimensional Graphene and hexagonal Boron Nitride films on transition metal surfaces

Hidehito Asaoka Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan
Surface stress in silicon reconstruction

Zheng Cui Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics China
Electronic inks for printable electronic applications

Shigeyuki Imura NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories Japan
Low dark current crystalline selenium-based photodiodes with high quality tellurium nucleation layer for image sensors

Masashi Arita Hokkaido University Japan
In-situ electron miroscopy to investigate resistive RAM operations

Parinaz Tabrizian Iran University of Science & Technology Iran
Porous Si3N4 bodies with over 30% porosity and above 100 MPa flexural strength via gel-casting

Masashi Hasegawa Nagoya University Japan
High pressure crystal chemistry and compression behaviors of novel early transition-metal nitrides

Hong Sun Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Mechanical strength and shear melting of diamond under extreme conditions

Joong Tark Han Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute South Korea
Nanocarbon-based flexible electrode technology via solution process

Ajay Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee India
Tunnable Josephson Transport in  Hybrid Superconductor -double coupled Quantum dots nanoscopic junctions: Theoretical modelling and  applications

Tsuneharu KOIDE High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan
Electronic and Magnetic States of Correlated Oxides Revealed by X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism

Jiang Tao China Academy of Engineering Physics China
High power THz quantum cascade lasers and  its application in higher resolution holography

Seungwoo Han Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials South Korea
Thermoelectrics for wearable applications

Tetsuya Yamamoto Kochi University of Technology Japan
Ultra high Hall mobility In2O3 transparent conductive films codoped with Ce and H atoms

Marcio Dias Lima Lintec of America – NanoScience & Technology Center USA
Solid State Actuators based on Helical fibers: structure, properties and applications

Xu Gao Soochow University China
Organic Field-Effect Transistor Nonvolatile Memory

Verena Zuerbig Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics Germany
CVD diamond for high power electronic devices

Yoke Khin Yap Michigan Technological University USA
Transistors without Semiconductors

WANG Shijie Institute of Materials Research and Engineering  Singapore
Wafer-scale 2D transition metal dichalcogenides growth and device fabrication

Oksana Yastrubchak National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukraine
Low temperature study of the band structure evolution and the origin of magnetism in (Ga,Mn)As

Materials Science in Two Dimensions

Fei Zhuge Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Extremely-low power all-carbon artificial synapses

Jian Zhang Liverpool John Moores University UK
Reliability and variability of nano-scale MOSFETs

Ran Jiang Shandong University China
HfO2 based RRAM device with XPS detection and homogeneous selector design

Hong Li Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Interacial void shrinkage process and mechanisms in solid-state bonding of similar metals

Ying-Hao Chu National Chiao Tung University Taiwan
MICAtronics: A New Platform for Soft Transparent Electronics

Salvador Ivan Garduno Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional Mexico
Study of Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated at Low Temperature with Sputtered Hf-In-ZnO and HfO2

Kun Yang Florida State University USA
Interfaces and Phase Transitions between Fractional Quantum Hall States

Seung Ki Moon Nanyang Technological University Singapore
A hybrid machine learning approach for modeling and optimization in Aerosol Jet printing process

Dong Eon Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea
Ultrafast semi-metalization of dielectrics : PHz device

Zhongyuan Ma Nanjing University China
The opportunity and challenge: Ultralow power and high density 3DSi-based flash memory