Advanced Alloy Materials

Hong Luo Max-planck institue for iron research Germany
Design of new type of high entropy alloys for hydrogen environment

Igor S. Golovin National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) Russia
Fe-Ga functional alloys: phase transitions, anelasticity and magnetostriction

Jiangkun Fan Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Formation of nano/ultrafine-trimorphic structure and variant selection mechanism in metastable β titanium alloy processed by dynamic warm deformation

Puran Pandey Kwangwoon University South Korea
Investigation on the Morphological and Optical Evolution of Bimetallic Pd-Ag Nanoparticles on Sapphire (0001) by the Systematic Control of Composition, Annealing Temperature and Time

Bin Tang Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Superplastic deformation behaviors of high temperature γ-TiAl-based alloys

Zhiqi Liu Beihang Unviersity China
Manipulating electronic properties of intermetallic alloys with electric fields

Fayomi Ojo Sunday Covenant University Nigeria
Multifunctional Assessment of developed composite integrity for extended application

Li Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Effect of secondary orientation on mechanical properties of nickel-base single crystal superalloy

Seda Aksoy Esinoglu Istanbul Technical University Turkey
Magnetic correlations in martensitic Heusler alloys under hydrostatic pressure

Asaf Albo Bar-Ilan University Israel
New Frontiers in Band-Gap Engineering: Synthesis of Novel Alloys vs. In-depth Design of Artificial Superlattices

Tomasz Moskalewicz AGH University of Science and Technology Poland
Electrophoretic deposition and characterisation of composite polyetheretherketone-based coatings to improve the titanium alloys tribological properties

Yuanfei Han Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Compressive response and microstructural evolution of particulates reinforced Ti composites

Hongyan Zhang University of Toledo USA
Joining Aluminum Alloys

Kun Lian Xi’an Jiaotong University China
New Generation Nano Copper /Carbon Composite and Applicatinos